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Do you want to get paid every single day just for surfing the internet?

A thing you're already doing daily but for zero dollars, nada! zilch! diddly!

If you answered, Yes! Then you might want to check out

It's got to be the easiest way to make money online, doing nothing, and still get paid the very same day.

Now, granted, the money is small, seeing as how you're literally doing nothing. But if you join forces with others, you can get paid passively every single day doing nothing. 

And out of curiosity then, I decided I try out for myself to see exactly what it was all about.

And what do you know, I got paid (payment proof included below).

Ruling out the question, whether is a scam?

But what exactly is

And importantly, how do you earn with it?

These questions and more is what I'll aim to answer in this honest review.

But before we go any further, just note that this site won't make you rich. 

So if you're looking to be one and you're interested in learning the “how“, then Wealthy Affiliate would be one of your best bets.

And now with no further ado.

Let's get started! Review: Can You Make Money Surfing The Internet?


Yes, you can. 

And in our today's post, we shall explore one such way;

We'll see what it is, how you make the money, how to withdraw your daily earnings, and even how you can earn more with it.

So, if you’re ready then.

Let's jump in! 

What Is And What Does It Do? Review - Make money online without investing, like the name suggests, is a paid to surf website. 

This means the site will pay you to surf the internet, but not literally.

The way they do this is by displaying small advertisement banners from sponsors on the web pages you're visiting and then compensating you for their impressions and clicks.

An impression simply means a successful display of an advertisement. That is when a banner displays on a web page that's an impression.

So every time one of their advertisements display on the web page you're on, you get paid.

It's that simple.

Hence getting paid to surf.

But has more in the way of you earning than just this.

Read the next section to see just how exactly you'll be making money with 

How To Make Money With

Making money with is super simple and a snap to get started.

There are no complications because it's just a matter of two buttons clicks at a time to earn or even just looking at an advert.

Even so, there are four ways you can go about earning with

  1. Surfing the internet, viewing videos and websites.
  2. Displaying their ads on your site (HTML code will be provided). 
  3. Referring other interested users, both surfers, and advertisers.
  4. Using all the above.

We will discuss the first two options since the last ones are obvious.

How To Make Money Surfing The Internet With

To make money with you'll be required to download their chrome extension.

Surfe be Extension

And it's from their browser extension that you'll know when there are any new paid adverts available to watch and earn (they’ll notify you subtly).

Their extension will also add a small strip below your browser or above it, depending on which setting you choose to now earn your passive income by simply letting ads display there as you go on surfing your daily sites. Ads

Note: Some ads will need to be manually confirmed to be credited as successful.

Surfe be video ad
Manual captcha review money credited

They’ll also have paid offers for you within the dashboard, so it’ll also help to log in daily to earn some more.

Paid to watch ads

But essentially this is how you'll be earning with browsing the internet.

So, there's no need to stay glued on their site like with other paid to earn websites. Wherever you are online, you'll still be earning.

This means if you're on YouTube, this blog, Google, Forum, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Passive income will keep accruing with every surf.

Now, let's see how you can earn with your website/blog if you already have one.

How To Make Money With Your Website Using Surfe.Pro Ads.

You don’t have to surf yourself to earn with, if you have a blog/website.

You can simply load their ads on your site/blog as you would AdSense ads and earn from your visitors’ interactions with your blog or the said ads.

But to be able to earn with this method, you must register with their Pro site. ie

This is where you'll submit your blog/site for them to review.

Note: If you don't have a one, follow this guide to start a blog in a SNAP, get some PLR articles, rewrite and post them, then use that blog for review.

Once approved, you'll now be ready to earn from all impressions on your blog/website.

To get set up properly, you'll need to generate an HTML code that you'll now place where you'd like their ads to show on your blog/website.

And to do this, from your dashboard, click on the blue “Create New Case” button. Ad Setting

This will take you to another page from where you'll choose the Ad size you want to generate, the number of Ad units to display simultaneously, and lastly their alignment.

Surfe pro ad display settings

Note: They also generate Ad Previews to help you refine the settings to your liking.

Once done, simply click on the blue “Save Changes” button on the top right corner to generate your HTML code.

Then from your Dashboard, locate the Ad you just created and click on its corresponding “Get Code” button.

This will pop-up your HTML code, after which you'll now copy it and paste it on your designated place on your blog/website.

Surfe pro Ad code Pop Up

After this, just promote your blog or sit back and watch the impressions money roll in if you’ve got existing traffic.

Note: You not only get paid for the impressions but also for any clicks on the Ads. 2 Clicks and you can withdraw based on the rates below. review ad rates

But how do you withdraw your earnings?

Keep on reading to find out.

How To Withdraw Money From

Withdrawing money from is rather simple and straightforward.

Once you've reached $0.03 which usually happens within a few hours, a day or two of surfing, you'll be able to withdraw your earnings ASAP.

And to withdraw, simply click on the green “Withdraw” button. Income Proof

This will bring up a pop-up with several withdrawal options for you to choose, from Payeer and Webmoney to their very own account.

Withdrawal options for

So just pick your best option to proceed. In my case, I picked Payeer.

This will bring up another section within the pop-up, from where you'll specify the amount you want to withdraw and your online wallet ID. withdraw terms

Once that is done, click on the Create Order button to start the withdrawal process.

For me, it took about 2 to 4 minutes to receive the money in my Payeer account. Payment Proof
Payeer History

So, definitely is legit and they pay as seen in the above screenshots.

But how can you make sure every day you get to withdraw more than just $0.03?

Read the next section.

How To Earn More With

Even though you can earn, while alone, with, do you really want to when you can get helped by others make even more every day?

I bet not.

The way this happens is by sharing the good news of to both those who want to earn quick money and those who want to promote their products and offers for real cheap, $0.02 per click.

And get this, their referral system runs 10 levels deep. This means you'll be earning 5.15% of everyone in your downline, 10 levels down, for earners and 1st level for advertisers. 🙂

Now, I don't know if you can see it, but the potential to earn more with, more so with a vast 10 level network, is there.

So the $0.03 you withdraw every day can quickly snowball to $10 (daily withdrawal limit) every single day, passively.

But how do you get interested referrals to join your downline?

Simple, read the next section for the easy answer.

How To Refer People To And Earn Even More.

Now, while you can blog, do a YouTube video, talk it out on forums, the absolute best way to refer others to is through traffic exchange sites.

Get it? You surf other people's websites and they surf your offer/website.

So essentially, you'll sign up to traffic exchange sites, preferably manual ones, and use your points to refer others to

These are people who are already into this, and so highly target. 

So converting them to passively paid surfers will be easier and important for you, faster.

But while there's no shortage of good manual traffic exchange sites, and remembering each will need you to put in the time to gather up the free advertising points, start with EasyHits4u and TrafficAdBar.

You can search up more manual traffic exchange sites to increase your referrals if you find the time.

Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

Yes, and No!

Let me explain.

Yes; if you're looking for beer money, want to earn quickly, you're broke, wouldn't mind getting paid to surf or click on adverts, you're not earning online doing anything else, you want to get paid to click on ads daily, etc.

No; if you have some money to spare and can afford to start an online business, you want to get rich fast without wasting time, you're already earning well online doing other things, etc.

In fact, if you have some extra money to invest, you can buy already monetized YouTube channels to earn immediately or join an affiliate marketing class to build a sustainable business from scratch.

And even if you don't have the money, just a simple method like reselling plr products can make you enough quickly to invest.

How about starting a blog, or a YouTube channel, and creating a tone of valuable content on there and monetize?

It'd be the preferable quick and less unstable alternatives to go with.

But if these aren't methods you'd want to earn with, fear not for there are so many other ways for you to make money online instantly/quickly.

Even so, I hope this post was valuable to you and that you learned something new today.

And if you're still on the fence about just check it out for yourself, it's free; it doesn't cost you a thing only gain.

That's it from me today on review. 

Have you tried out this site? What was your experience? Share your insights in the comments below for all of us.

Do you want to see more similar sites? Let me know as well below.

And until next time, my friend.

Stay Blessed!

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