Stupid Simple System Review | How To Make Easy Money Online.


Welcome to my stupid simple system review; a product by LJ Aviles, that promises to make you money online whether you want to or not, the simple way.

And in this stupid simple system review, we shall see exactly how it promises to do this, and whether or not you should subscribe to it, among other things to consider.

So, are you ready?

Let's jump in.

Stupid Simple System Review: What Is It?

Stupid Simple System (SSS) is a free money-making system that is designed to help anyone stand to make money online by simply sharing it with others.

And the way this works is that, after you've shared SSS with others also looking to make money online, they too will get their own stupid simple systems to give away and make money off of.

Yes! Make money.

But if you're starting to wonder how, this is it…

After you've given away the free training, LJ will present to everyone who signs up for their own stupid simple system upto 25 helpful upgrades that they can consider buying to boost their results and overall success with the system.

And not just that, he'll follow up with everyone who signed up for their system, and encourage them to buy the upgrades effectively selling for you.

So that when they upgrade at any one point you earn the corresponding affiliate commissions.

But does this method work?

What Money-Making Method Is SSS Based On And Does It Work?

The stupid simple system is based on the time-tested money-making principle of building a list, mailing that list, and getting paid.

It's as simple as that and if you want to make money online, you can follow that method blindly and you'll still get results with it.

It's that powerful.

But putting the pieces together can be a headache.

You'll need an autoresponder to hold the list you'll be building, and high-converting affiliate offers to mail out to this list, so that when they buy you get paid.

Autoresponders cost money, and finding these high-converting affiliate offers and getting approved to promote them can be a hassle.

What Stupid Simple System is doing, is letting LJ do it all for you.

That is you bring him a prospect, and he follows up with them on your behalf, and when they convert, you get to earn the commission.

This saves you the trouble of having an autoresponder or having to follow up with prospects/leads yourself.

This is the money-making method that SSS is based on and it's one that's proven to work, time and again.

But this doesn't mean you can't set up the system yourself from scratch.

If you've got the energy, skills, and wherewithal you absolutely can.

But if you have to, how would you do it?

Let's see…

Is There An Alternative To Stupid Simple System?


And it's in doing it yourself.

The money-making principle it's based on works, and no one's preventing you from doing it.

So why, not.

Even so, be prepared for a continuous learning curve with this.

I'll try to explain to you in brief what you need and point you to helpful material that'll show you how to set up the whole thing through over-the-shoulder videos.

That way, you can gauge for yourself, if to start with the Stupid Simple System first or create your own.

Like I said earlier, you'll need an autoresponder. This is the tool through which you'll save your leads/prospects/opt-ins when you drive traffic to the capture page.

A capture page is the page you'll display in front of this traffic with a bribe/gift so that you can weed out those who aren't serious from the leads that are, and store them into the said autoresponder. And to do this you'll need a funnel builder.

Bribe/Gift this is the tempting offer you'll dangle in front of this traffic to target those leads looking to solve the problem your gift is solving. You can create this gift/bribe/lead magnet yourself or use some premium PLRs instead.

After this, you'll need to craft several good follow-up emails, that actually land in their inbox tab rather than in the promotional folder or worse the spam box.

For this, you'll need to learn and develop some good email copywriting skills to be able to sway their decision and make them take action by buying the affiliate offers you're recommending so that you get paid.

Ooh! And before I forget, each of the above-needed requirements will each need to be invested in. As in, buy them, to get the best possible start.

With Stupid Simple System, it's all free. You simply get your affiliate link and you're ready to roll.

The only thing you can buy is traffic to get you more money. As in, spend money to make more money.

But in terms of the work involved, you won't be in it, LJ's skills will go to work for you.

But like I said you can learn all LJ knows but might take you a while.

It's a really simple but condensed form of making money online, with only two steps involved; build a list, and mail a list, but on each step, there's a learning curve.

So if time and money allow you to spend some time to learn all this and be able to do this yourself, then you can get this video training here.

He won't leave you in the dark, in fact, he'll show you other ways to go about setting up your own money-making system based on this principle, but one that's downright genius.


In Conclusion: Should You Join SSS?

I would say it's definitely something you should try because the principle behind it works.

People opt-in for free, and you get paid when they upgrade to better packages being offered on your behalf without the work involved in meeting those promises.

If you're just starting out online, and want to make money, but at the same time you want a simple process, one that's not confusing then getting your own Stupid Simple System will be a good move.

Then later on when the system is making you money, you can decide to set up your own system. Because at this point you'll have your own testimonial that the business model works.

So quitting won't be an option for you.

If you're a veteran in this money-making online thing, I would recommend going to this video training here and setting up your own system based on this principle the right way.

You already have a good mindset to stick-it out no matter the challenges you'll face. And they'll be there.

At this point, I know you've already decided on what to do about the Stupid Simply System and so I won't keep you long.

There's the button below. Decide.

And until next time, happy earning!

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