Stacked Review – Make Money With Trending News.


Hi and welcome to my Stacked review, a product by Glynn Kosky that promises to help you start making money online with the help of trending news.

Glynn Kosky is a well-known online marketer with years of marketing experience and success to back it up. Thus, he really does know his onions and his products wouldn’t be hits with happy customers if they weren’t serving them well.

In this review, I’ll explain why this might be a good idea to consider investing in and any other feature inclusions that come with it for your profit benefit.

Ultimately, the decision to take this up will rest squarely on your capable shoulders, my goal is to help you come to a sound conclusion and limit lost opportunities.

So if you’re ready, let’s jump in.

Stacked Review: What Is It?

Stacked is a web-based software that helps you bank on trending news by taking advantage of them to drive viral traffic to your offers.

It does this by hooking you up with your very own trending news site, completely hosted and updated for you.

It's there where you’ll get to collect leads from this viral traffic, and turn it into cash through several monetization strategies.

You’ll get to see what you can create with this software in the next section, but for now, allow me to explain to you the advantage of considering Stacked.

Stacked Review: The Opportunity.

Have you ever wondered why many products seem to give you your very own site?

This is because websites work, have been working, and will keep on working making tons of money for their owners.

This blog does, and so do other blogs and websites on the interweb.

The issue though is that creating something that works can be an issue, and starting out another blog is an even greater and costly process if you don’t know what it is you’re doing.

Now the type of website/blog you create matters a great deal. There are so many ideas you could create a website around, but one idea that has stood the test of time is NEWS.

Every day, news companies make money through newspapers, television adverts, etc. It’s a timeless idea of making money, and online, this idea keeps on working.

But creating your very own news site can be quite the task and might require a good capital investment to get things up and running.

If you decide to do it the usual way by way of buying all the tools and resources you need to set it up, it can run you several 100 dollars.

You could alternatively pick someone from a freelance site to do it for you, but a good expert who can actually create something that makes sense will cost you.

What It Costs To Create An Autopilot Site From A Trusted Seller.

If you go for cheaper workers, you might end up with a bowl of noodles. A situation where you don’t even know what it is they’ve done, if you ever wanted to change something like the site niche or create another one.

Asking for support would also attract extra fees.

This is too much of an ask, more so when you consider you can get a similar site created with Stacked for as low as a one-time payment of $19 (you can get a $3 discount if you act now BTW).

What’s more, still at that price point you’ll get other premium bonuses added to the mix that will give you even greater leverage to make even more diversified money online.

Customer support is also included at that price point, to sort out any issues or difficulties you may run into.

In addition, you still get a 6-month moneyback guarantee included to safeguard your investment. This means you have 6 months to test out the software properly to your satisfaction and make sure it delivers as promised risk-free.

Are you sure you can get these perks when you outsource this task on a freelance site, or when you decide to do it on your own?

Trending news are always being taken advantage of to bank big online fast. The competition is always low, and the upside, huge. But only if you take action on them.

So are you ready to get your own slice of the action, thanks to Stacked?

Now, let me show you what Stacked can get you first.

Stacked Review: How It Works.

Below is a short video explaining what it is you stand to get with Stacked.


Amazing! Right?

At this point, you might be considering getting your very own copy of Stacked.

And as such, I’ll let you know of some optional upgrades you might want to include with your purchase depending on your online goal needs.

Stacked Upgrades Review.

Stacked gives you the ability to pick up a few extra upgrades to really put the software in hyperdrive and stand to earn more.

I’ll lightly explain what each means for you, but the full list of what’s included within each will be clearly explained to you before being allowed to get any of them.

Bear in mind each one of these upgrades comes with a 6-month moneyback guarantee, extra training, VIP support, and without hidden fees.

The upgrades are as follows.

  • OTO 1 – Unlimited Version (Main $67/ Downsell $37).

This upgrade removes any limitations with the software, unlocking every aspect of it to explore and take advantage of forever.

  • OTO 2 – 100% DONE-FOR-YOU (Main $97/ Downsell 47).

With this one, you’ll get done-for-you everything; setup, traffic, and sales, and also get to unlock further training.

  • OTO 3 – Unlimited Traffic (Main $97/ Downsell 47).

This option will help you unlock unlimited traffic streams, for a worriless profit experience. You also get other perks like tapping into their actual traffic and siphoning it to your advantage as well as extra training.

  • OTO 4 – AUTOMATION (Main $67/ Downsell 37).

Put your business on complete autopilot, unlock premium rights and bonuses and increase your profits even more with this upgrade.

  • OTO 5 – ATM (Main $197/ Downsell $47).

Command profits on-demand anytime you want with this upgrade and get everything 100% done for you.

  • OTO 6 – ULTIMATE (Main $197/ Downsell $47).

Diversify your profit inlets past trending news sites and unlock private opportunities with this package.

  • OTO 7 – License Rights (Main $67/ Downsell 37).

This upgrade will give you the freedom to leverage their products and marketing materials for your benefit as well as position you for a chance to pick their brain.

Now depending on the product creators, they might include; at any point, further OTOs if they deem necessary for your online growth success.

Generally, downsells do knock out a few perks from the main offer, but still, leave a good deal of them for a low price.

In either case, pick what you feel speaks to your needs and will get you to where you want to see yourself financially.

The right upgrade might make all the difference in your financial life. You never know.

Stacked Review: Conclusion.

I always believe not everything is meant for everyone, if this product spoke to you, consider giving it a fair chance-try and it might surprise you what you achieve online within a very short amount of time.

You’ll also get included with your purchase my own addition of premium bonuses to really launch you to a greater level of opportunities.

Do implement everything you learn from them. They each cost money and they are worth it. So don’t let them collect dust on your hard drive. Put them to good use.

Don’t forget there’s a $3 discount currently going on, so take advantage of that too.

That’s it for this Stacked review by Glynn Kosky. It’s my hope you found it insightful. May God bless you and until next time, my friend.

Happy Earning!

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