Profit Pusher Review – Why I Don’t Recommend It


Welcome to my Profit Pusher review, where I'll explain what it is, the problem it's promising to fix, how it works, if you can do without it, and why I'm not recommending it fully.

As usual, I won't go over what the sales page promises, but rather, give you my own review of the product itself to help you make an informed decision.

So if you're ready, let's get started.

Profit Pusher Review: What Is It?

Profit Pusher is a cloud-based software that helps you create done-for-you affiliate review websites in a matter of minutes, get traffic to them, and stand to profit.

These done-for-you affiliate review sites come packed with over 50 proven-to-sell affiliate programs, display advertising slots, and the ability to build your own email list. Making it easy for you to get started and actually stand to make some money fast.

Now, with just that, you'd wonder why I'm not recommending it to you fully, but keep reading on to find out.

What Problem Is Profit Pusher Solving For You?

It's no secret that it's important to have your own website online.

Not only for credibility purposes but also to protect your income.

And anyone making money online will have one or more, whether for the same reasons or different ones it doesn't matter.

And when it comes to affiliates, it's like a requirement.

But creating and setting up these websites is a laborious task. One full of headache, confusion, and discouragement.

So much so, that many don't even want to have one. But it's a necessity.

It's even better to use something like XBuildrr to do it than to be without one.

Even so, some people don't even want to drag-and-drop their way to a website.

They just want it already done for them, and this is where Profit Pusher comes in.

There's no element to drag or drop, it is mostly clicking. You don't even need to push a thing other than the profits they say. 🙂

And within a few minutes, you have a brand spankingly new affiliate review site ready to promote and make you some money.

Quite the deal, you would say. But it's where it falls short that gives me the concern and in turn hesitant to recommend it fully.

But before I get into that, let's first see how it works to have a better understanding of what you're getting.

Profit Pusher Review: How It Works?

Below is its demo video that goes over all the features and what it is you'll be expected to do, to make money with the software.

As you've seen, it's quite the tool. And it's clear they did spend some deserved time on it.

Even so…

Can You Do Without Profit Pusher?



As you've seen above, all it is is a simple but focused affiliate review website, jam-packed with affiliate offers that can earn you money, with the right traffic.

Everything has been designed with the sole focus of making you money.

There are no distractions or links that won't result in money in your pocket.

Even so, you can create your own affiliate review website from scratch, better than you saw; with even more control and monetization strategies, but not cheaply.

It will cost ya! Far more than this software costs, but it would be worth it.

Worth it, because of the concerns I've laid out below.

Now I don't expect the software to be perfect. But at the very least, my primary concern below should have been taken care of.

It might be a deal-breaker for you or not, but that's for you to decide.

And now, what is this big concern of mine, that I'm 50-50 with Profit Pusher?

My Concerns And Who Should Buy It?

Now, I know better than to expect anything to be perfect; except for honey of course, but with software, I really do expect a lot.

Sure, Profit Pusher is solving a serious and painful problem here of making money online easily, but it's in the final output that I have a big concern with.

It's meant to create affiliate review sites with done-for-you reviews.

But sadly, I can't seem to create one with complete reviews for each product other than for the top 5 recommendations.

I mean, how else should the visitors know the good and the bad of said affiliate products if all they see are a few lines describing the product, untrustable rating, and a take action button?


Now I know you'd argue this is nothing. But from my point of view, more should be expected.

I know Profit Pusher's price of $20.10 might excuse the limitation, and if it's acceptable to you, why not.

Another issue I have though somewhat less pressing is that majority of the affiliate products are hosted on ClickBank.

This might not be an issue if you live in a country that ClickBank supports.

But if you're from unsupported countries, Profit Pusher might lose its appeal.

Even so, you can still focus on selling those affiliate products hosted on WarriorPlus and JVZoo and still earn a sizable income.

So Should You Buy It, or Pass?


It will depend on you, what you're looking for, where you come from, time availability, and how much money you can invest to make money.

If you're looking for something simple, you're from a ClickBank supported country, don't have much time or have it, but not with a whole lot of money to invest, Profit Pusher will suit you.

If you're not from a ClickBank supported country, you'll be and feel that you're missing on a lot of money, despite other options being present. Every bit helps.

But if you have the time, some money to invest, and not afraid to do some hard work.

Then you may pass on Profit Pusher and instead, create your own affiliate review website from scratch the usual way like a beast.

The bottom line is, either option will make you money. How fast might vary, but the latter, though slow, would be best.

That's it for this Profit Pusher review. Thanks for reading through and I hope it has helped you make up your mind about it.

Until next time, happy earning!

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