Payola Review – Make Money Listening To Music Online


We all listen to music every day, whether it’s online, in the car, etc. Heck, your ringtone is also music. But are you getting paid for listening to that music?

The recording companies are making money. Radio and Videos stations are making money. Streaming services are making money. All these are facts you know. What about you, the listener?

Are you making money from all your efforts of dancing to these tunes?

If not then you might find Payola, a welcome surprise. Because finally, you can. And make a decent change while at it.

But what exactly is Payola, and why should you care? Didn’t I say you gon’ make money from this? Yeah!

So if this sounds good to you, then you might want to sit up straight and listen because Christmas is about to get even Christmassy if you get this right.

In this Payola review, I’ll go over exactly what it is and what you can expect from it. At the end of it, you’ll have formed your own decision on what to do about this opportunity.

So are you ready?

Payola Review: What Is It?

Payola is a web-based app that helps you make money online by listening to and helping other music fans; such as yourself, find and enjoy their favorite music and artists.

I will explain in a short while how this app works, but just a little info about its creators.

This app is the brainchild of Rich Williams and Chris X; successful internet marketers and product creators of other hits such as InstaBank, 100k Cloner, etc.

Across their products, they’re responsible for thousands of sales and happy customers at that.

So they know a thing about creating helpful products that help others profit online in an easier fashion without having to spend months figuring things out on their own.

Given this, you can expect Payola to follow the same fashion if, not supersede, in getting you the promised results.

And this is why.

Payola Review: The Opportunity.

I usually like to show you the opportunity any product is helping you tap into. Today, however, I will explain to you what it means to work online with opportunities.

See, if it were not for these products I promote on this site, this blog wouldn’t be here today to serve you.

This is because I followed one such product and it led to all of this.

I’ve also followed many more of these products and seen results with them, in many ways.

Work was put in of course, but it goes to tell you of a very simple core concept. Online is all about taking advantage of new opportunities while cutting out those no longer profitable.

The online landscape keeps on changing, new and better ways of making money that don’t require you slaving away on your computer just to make it, keep on coming up.

It’s your duty to know which ones you’re comfortable jumping on, and which ones to pass up.

My work is to help you know of these new existing methods. And lay out what each means for you so that you make a guided decision on what to do while minimizing lost opportunities.

This is why I don’t write my reviews the popular way, quoting how much you stand to make. I explain the product.

How much you stand to make, is always entirely up to you.

And Payola is one such opportunity you can consider tapping into today.

Having said that, let me explain how this Payola works and what you can expect to do, to ensure success with it.

Payola: How It Works.

First I’ll start you with a video of exactly what Payola is and why it’s an amazing idea you might want to capitalize on starting now.

Payola Review Overview

Explanation of something clears the fog in one’s mind and ushers in ideas of what is possible.

I believe you can now see how possible and well-grounded this idea is from the video above.

Essentially you’ll be earning in several ways with Payola, from listening to your favorite music genre on Spotify, YouTube, Google, and Apple music and from Merch and affiliate sales.

This will be possible through your very own Payola site, optimized for low competition keywords to get you tons of free traffic, which translates to money for you.

So it’s a diversified means by which to make money online, from your love of music.

But here’s the thing, before you hug yourself with excitement remember, nothing works unless you do. And this will require your input for the desired output.

Payola Pricing: Review.

You’ll be expected to pay $17 to get your own copy of Payola. Even so, to save, ensure you activate the $4 discount.

As an affiliate, it means I’ll earn less, but if it helps you make money online, that’s what matters the most to me.

Bear in mind, your investment is protected with a 365-day moneyback guarantee. This means you can test the software for an entire year risk-free.

There are also other optional upgrades you can pick up with your copy of Payola.

Are There Upgrades?


Several, and as follows;

  • Upgrade 1: Unlimited Version.

With this upgrade, all the limits of the software are removed to give you the ability to take advantage of everything the software has to offer.

You can get it at $27 when you activate your $12 discount with it.

  • Upgrade 2: Done-For-You.

This essentially means getting most of the work done for you. This removes a lot of guesswork and ensures you hit the ground running.

This upgrade can be had for $97, when you activate its $100 discount.

  • Upgrade 3: 10X Traffic.

This gets you 1,000 to 2,000 clicks sent to your Payola site every day, with this upgrade.

It features a $30 discount, slashing the cost to purchase down to $37.

  • Upgrade 4: Automated Payola.

This is the automated version of Payola that unlocks even more perks while streamlining the earning process for you.

Normally priced at $39, you can however get it at $27 today when you apply the $12 discount.

  • Upgrade 5: Resell Rights.

This option will give you the right to resell this software to others and keep 100% of the profits as if it were your very own product.

The discounted price for this is $97.

  • Upgrade 6: Mega-Bundle.

This features access to 37 of their best-selling products for free. This enables you to diversify your earning power past Payola.

The cost for this upgrade after $20 discount, comes to $77.

These are the available Payola upgrades, to pick and choose those you want and forego those you don’t, depending on your financial goals.

In Conclusion: My Thoughts.

Making money online is a process, you start somewhere and grow from there.

The hype on Payola’s sales page can be misleading because one’s success doesn’t necessarily translate to your success.

You may do better or worse than them.

What I like about Payola though is that the idea behind it is solid. So go in knowing you will have to put in some work, to make this work as you want.

The light bulb won’t light your home while it’s still in its box. You’ll have to climb up and set it up in its socket and proceed to turn on the switch.

Even though there’s a process to seeing the light, you know it will work.

That’s how you should think of Payola.

I’ve also added some amazing premium bonuses for you to ensure you not only earn with Payola but also have other sound ways to expand your online money inlets.

All premium products I’ve included for you as a bonus cost money on their own. So you can be sure, you’re getting more bang for your money when you buy from me.

To learn more about Payola and what else is in it for you, check out their official site below.

That’s all for today in this Payola review and I hope you found it insightful.

May God bless you in your online endeavors and until the next post…

Happy Earning!

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