Passive Income Publishing Course Review + Bonuses

Passive Income Publishing Course Review

Discover how to turn a few hours a week into a profitable publishing business with this Passive Income Publishing Course Review.

Here’s the quick review video if you prefer.

Passive Income Publishing Course Review

Thousands of other ordinary people are doing this and earning a comfortable passive income for their families safely from home.

It’s now your turn. And it’s easier than you think.

Passive Income Publishing Course Review + Bonuses 1
Passive Income Publishing Course Review

Introducing Passive Income Publishing course by Marlene. An accountant with over 40 years of experience.

Passive Income Publishing Course Review + Bonuses 2

This is the course that’ll take you by the hand and guide you every step of the way until you start doing it.

And NO you don’t need any special skills. Nor do you need to spend weeks or months writing.

In fact, with my bonus, you’ll get a crafty way to not only create your complete books in just minutes but also have them published for you in over 10 book stores automatically with no further work needed.

This means you’ll more than 10x the revenue of what the Passive Income Publishing course teaches you. So make sure you buy from the link below to get this untold secret of 10x-ing your publishing revenue. 🙂

But is self-publishing really profitable? Is there even a market for it? See the following screenshots.

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Amazon Shopper Keyword
Passive Income Publishing Course Review + Bonuses 4
Low-Content book sales on Amazon
Passive Income Publishing Course Review + Bonuses 5
Low-Content Books Popularity


The following is what you’ll get with this Passive Income Publishing Course.

7 Modules comprised of Video and PDF training, presentation slides, and checklists.


What is KDP?
Pros & Cons of Publishing on KDP.
What Are Low Content Books?
Why Should You Focus On Your Customer?
Why Quality Over Quantity Is Important And How To Achieve Both.

Module 2: RESEARCH.

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The Importance of Niche Research.
How To Find Profitable Niches.
How To Come Up With Book Ideas.
How To Find The Right Keywords.
Why You Should Validate Your Idea.
How To Validate Your Idea.
4 Questions You Must Answer.
Tools To Make Research Easy.

Module 3: PLANNING.

How To Get Started.
How To Plan Your Book Cover.
How To Plan Your Book Interior.

Module 4: CREATING.

Design Fundamentals.
Software To Make It Easy.
How To Create Interior Pages.
How To Merge Interiors To Create Your Book.
How To Create Your Cover.


Writing A Compelling Description.
Understanding Amazon Categories.
How To Add Extra Categories.
How To Pick The Best Keywords.
How To Use Keywords Effectively.


Setting Up Your KDP Account.
How To Complete Book Details.
How To Complete Keyword Boxes For Maximum Results.
Uploading & Approving Your Book.
Confirm Rights, Pricing & Publish.


Know Your What & Why.
Batch Tasks.
Stay Organized.
Admin & Bookkeeping.
Staying Out Of Trouble.

The following are some $1k+ worth of bonuses included for fast action takers from Marlene to help you hit the ground running. + the special 10x publishing revenue bonus.

Bonus #1 5 Ready To Publish Books.

Recipe Organizers that people can write their own recipes in are some of the best-sellers on Amazon. With these ready-to-publish manuscripts & editable covers, you can have your own book(s) published in a few hours!

Bonus #2 Graphics & Templates.

Want to easily create your own unique interiors & covers? No problem! Use the templates and graphics as a starting point to create as many new, different interiors and covers as you want. This way you can build a massive catalog of books easily and quickly!

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Bonus #3 600+ Activity Book Interior Pages.

Activity Books sell like hot cakes on Amazon. But they do take time to create. This pack of more than 600 activity pages (adults & kids) will give you a head start so you can publish your own activity books in record time!

Bonus #5 The Easy Way To Write Your First eBook.

Learn how to write your first ebook without the hassle and headaches. Best of all cut down the time in half and create even more. Make writing your books a walk in the park.

Bonus #6 Constant Product Creation Audio Course.

This is an audio course containing 60+ mins of inspiring lessons that are going to teach you how one recording plus daily writing will add up to constant product creation. Download today to learn more.

Bonus #7 Failure Rates Online and How To Avoid Audio Course.

Learn where, and how people fail online to avoid doing the same mistakes. It’s the difference between buying the Passive Income Publishing Course today and making a killing or making $0.

Send Bonus to [email protected] to receive all of your bonuses including the 10x publishing revenue.

More information about the Passive Income Publishing Course will be available on their official website.

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