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OMG Profitz Review

One of the best ways known to many online marketers that can quickly stuff your pockets full of cold hard cash is the eCom business.

It's its simplicity that makes it super appealing to even brand new marketers looking to pile up cash in their bank accounts.

But the issue, at least with many, is usually the high starting costs which can go through the roof quickly past $1,000+ per affiliate store set up. 

Not to mention the ongoing monthly charges if you decide to use third-party sites to do it on.

But does this mean the regular joe, with no huge start-up capital, can't share in the $3+ trillion a year business?


And all thanks to OMG Profitz.

But what is OMG Profitz?

How does it work?

Can you really make money with it?

And should you really go ahead and buy it?

All this questions and more is what I'll strive to answer in this OMG Profitz review.

But I won't bore you with lengthy details of what you can read for yourself on the sales page.

Rather, I will focus on what this software can do for you so that you decide if it's something you'd want to buy today or another alternative.

And so, with no further delays.

Let's jump in!

OMG Profitz: Overview.

Vendors: Mosh Bari & Jason Fulton.

Product: OMG Profitz.

Levels: All.

Front End Cost: $22.

Risk: 30-Day money-back guarantee.

Support: Good.

Recommended: Yes!

Official site:

Cost Of Starting An eCommerce Site.

eCom sites, although simple to create, aren't the cheapest online businesses to start, and more so if you don't have the time to do it on your own.

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Also, filling them up with 1,000s of hot-selling products manually is a complete weight-loss workout plan by itself.

But if you were to hire someone to do it for you on a freelance site like Fiverr, what would you look to spend.

If you'll want a Shopify store created for you, an expert package that lists up to 300 products on your store, will squeeze out $395 out of your pocket.

shopify gig on fiverr

Also note, the recurring Shopify monthly payments ($29 *Basic, $79 *Shopify, $299 *Advanced) you'd need to keep up with, just to keep your store up.

What about if you opt for a WordPress based, eCom sites?

It's no better, price-wise.

With a Premium package you'll look to spend $320, for an eCommerce site with 10 pages and only 20 products.

wordpress ecommerce gig on fiverr

Look also at the delivery time; 14 days!

And if for a second you think this is exorbitant pricing, check out the orders in the queue.

I bet most, if not all, of the people who have their orders in the queue would think twice if they knew OMG Profitz exists.

Having your own store up, chuck full of hot-selling products in any niche you want and in like 60 seconds, with built-in viral traffic system, at just $22 onetime, can surely sway one's decision.

But read on to see if it is wise for you to buy this software on not.

OMG Profitz Review | What Is It? How Does It Work? What's Included? And Are There Any Shortcomings You Should Know About?.

Now that you've seen the cost of starting an eCommerce store, the original way can be quite expensive and that OMG Profitz surely has a promising way for anyone to shortcut around this huddle.

Let's see exactly what it is, whether or not you can earn with it, and if it's even worth the try.

What Is OMG Profitz.

OMG Profitz Product Image

OMG Profitz is a cloud-based, DFY eCom store builder that lets you create super profitable stores full of 1,000s of Hot-selling products, in over 500 niches, in just seconds without the need to do it manually.

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But OMG Profitz's power doesn't just end there. 

In addition, your affiliate store will be fully hosted for you, at no extra monthly or yearly fees, making it an unbelievable onetime deal for you.

What about traffic?

After all, no traffic no sales right?

Well, the platform's figured it out with a clever in-built viral traffic system that turns one visitor into 10, every time you get one.


And more so if you hate slow, complicated promotional methods or expensive campaigns.

Even so, does it work?

How Does OMG Profitz Work?

Below I've attached a video showing you how you'll be using the software when you buy it and also some of the vendors' result proofs.

Essentially, it's a 3-step process to work the eCom software:

Step 1: Log in to the cloud-based web software and choose a DFY site template.

Step 2: Pick a DFY niche and import 1000s of products.

Step 3: Launch your ecom store, promote, and start profiting.

Results Proof.

omg profitz review results proof 1
omg profitz review results proof 2

What's Included In OMG Profitz That Makes It Compelling To Other Alternatives?

Frankly, a lot than makes sense to regurgitate here, from private FB group to chrome extension.

Nevertheless, to help you form a mental picture of what makes OMG Profitz such a powerful software you'd want to own, I've attached a picture list of what's included below.

OMG Profitz Front End

Impressive, eh?

But are there concerns you should be aware of before you commit to buying?

Are There Any Concerns You Should Know With OMG Profitz?

1. Lots of upsells with downsells.

While this isn't bad and actually can be beneficial in complementing the main product nicely, having to sift through to the main product can test one's patience.

Even so, there's no better place to have them. And if this isn't such a big concern for you then it won't be a problem.

2. Lack of enough control.

I don't know about you, but one thing I love so much is having control over my online businesses.

This means having my own domain name, hosting, and website. All the things OMG Profitz has aimed to save you from.

Regardless, I would recommend you buy it if you're looking for a no-stress eCom business life for a start.

But for the long term, start one up from scratch when you've made enough money from it, and want something with a little more control.

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3. Limited autoresponder choices to pick from.

You only get 3 autoresponder integration options to choose from namely; MailChimp, GetResponse, and Aweber.

This can be a problem if you're already paying for a different autoresponder service such as ConvertKit, MailerLite, etc.

The good thing though is that these three autoresponders can be used for Free or on 30 days free trial first. So worth the try.

How Much Will It Cost You To Buy OMG Profitz.

At this time, you can grab OMG Profitz at an early bird discounted price of just $22, for both the Lite and Pro versions.

OMG Profitz Front End Pricing

Note: Keep in mind the costs we saw earlier for similar Fiverr gigs.

Wrapping Up: Is OMG Profitz Your Answer To Passive eCom Profits?

There's no denying the fact that eCom businesses do well and are proven money minting machines when done right.

And the buying LOW and selling HIGH of physical and digital products to profit online isn't something that will be ending soon. If anything the trend is going up.

So this means you still have the chance to ride the wave and create yourself a nice passive earner.

And while the huge start-up costs barred many from trying out the business. OMG Profitz surely has solved the issue by lowering the bar for anyone looking to give it a shot themselves.

I personally recommend OMG Profitz and believe it to the power to make you money, if not lots of it.

But make sure you follow their training and take part in their private Facebook group to help and get help whenever and wherever you need it.

Click Here To Learn More About OMG Profitz and Start Profiting Today

If you buy through my link and want more bonuses than those, you'll get with this product, email me at aytalum (@) and I'll send them to you within 24 hrs.

That's it from me today on OMG Profitz review, your answer to generating passive eCom profits in 2020 from a standstill.

And till next time.

Stay Blessed!

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