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Levels By Glynn Kosky Review

Welcome to my LEVELS review; a product by Glynn Kosky; a ClickBank platinum vendor and an Elite super affiliate on WarriorPlus.

Now Glynn is known to always create amazing products as evidenced by his $13million sales record, and LEVELS is no different.

Even so, I will explain everything there is to know about it in this honest review.

We will see what it is, which money-making principle it's based on, what problems it's solving for you today, its features, who needs it, and some of the bonuses I've included for you.

I liked this product well enough to create a video review of it, explaining everything for you from the sales page, members area, and showing you the site you'll get when you buy LEVELS today.

As usual, I won't bore you with what's on the sales page; the video goes through all that. Rather, I will help you see if it's something you actually want or need, to help you make money online from where you are.

If that sounds good to you, let's get started.

LEVELS Review: What Is It?

LEVELS is a money-making system that has been created to help you make money online through affiliate marketing easily, by actually giving you an already created affiliate site complete with reviews of proven-to-sell products.

And not just that, you'll also get traffic training and with it softwares to help you get and automated all this traffic to your affiliate review site so as to start making money.

So it's a complete system you're getting with LEVELS.

But does this money-making strategy actually work?


What Money-Making Method Is LEVELS Based On?

You see, not everyone online buys everything without first checking out what others are saying about it.

You're reading this LEVELS review because you want to know more about it, to see if it's something you might need, before you buy, to help you make money online.

Am I right?

Well, it's the same with everyone else. Myself included.

So because you know this, you go out and test all these products that people are looking for in a certain area, see what they're all about, and write honest reviews about them.

Now, when people search for more information about these products and land on your article or video review, you help them get this extra information.

And when it's what they're looking for, they buy from your affiliate link and you earn a commission.

For example, below is my own income results with this method.


It's a win-win situation. The customer is looking for more information to make a guided decision, and you've helped them come or arrive at the said decision. Their thanks is by buying from you.

This is the entire business model. And it works if you take action.

But there's a problem…

What Problem Is LEVELS Solving For You?

You see, we've already established this method works if you take action on it.

But the problem is in the taking action of it all.

Where do you start, what is required, how do you do it, etc.

So let me explain the problem a little so you know exactly what LEVELS is solving for you today.

Making affiliate commissions is both easy and hard depending on where you are at the moment, with what you have.

You see, one way to make money online with affiliate marketing is by starting your own review website like this one.

But starting your own website can be a headache. There's a learning curve that comes with it.

In fact, just me thinking about it gives me goosebumps.

And not because it's not doable, but the sheer amount of work it takes to just be up and running.

Searching and buying a domain, buying hosting, searching and buying a good theme, installing the damn thing, configuring site settings, downloading and configuring plugins, designing the logo, submitting site to search engines, installing tracking and analytic pixels, optimizing the site for SEO, opening social pages for it, speed optimization, creating the reviews, posting them, creating bonuses to go with the products you're reviewing, and that's not all my friend. It's doable yes, but very exhausting.

Then the big one, getting traffic to the site itself so that you actually make the money. Another learning curve right there.

But I don't want you to be discouraged. I'm just trying to show you what LEVELS is able to do for you, so you don't have to.

It takes care of the site nightmare issue by actually giving you one that's already done for you, and the traffic issue by training you and giving you softwares to help with it.

All the things that would normally take you like 3 to 6 months to figure out. LEVELS will get you there in a few days or today if you can learn fast.

So does this sound like a very good solution to a problem you'd like to fix?

I can say so.

But ultimately the choice here is yours. Do you want to do things the hard way, or the smart way?

Let's now see some of the features LEVELS comes with, for perspective.

LEVELS Review: Features.

Below are some of the features LEVELS avails to you.

I will try to show you their importance by showing you what LEVELS is protecting you from.

1. 100% beginner-friendly.

Earlier I told you some of the headaches you can expect if you decide to start your own affiliate review site.

LEVELS understands this and makes it easy for you to focus on what you want most; making money, by actually doing it all for you.

2. ZERO monthly fees.

It costs to run your own affiliate review site. And before you start making money, you'll be spending out of pocket.

Doesn't it beat the $17 you'll pay for LEVELS onetime, to get your own site with zero extra expenses?

3. Expert training from a Millionaire marketer.

If you wanted to be a billionaire, would it make sense to learn from Elon Musk (the richest man on the planet; $197 billion)?

How about if you wanted to be a millionaire online marketer? This is what Glynn and his team can help you with.

But you have to start somewhere though. And LEVELS can be a good place.

4. 100+ premium bonuses included.

Everyone loves bonuses. And check this out, what online business problem wouldn't you be able to solve with 100+ paid-for products?

Remember, each of these 100+ bonuses, features a different core money-making method.

Not to mention the ones I'll add on top for you. This almost guarantees even if you don't want, need, or like LEVELS, you're sure to find one of two methods you'll like to do out of all 100+.

5. Traffic problem solved.

It's one thing to be told how to get traffic to your affiliate review site, and another to be also given a software to push or help you with it.

6. List building system integrated.

The best traffic is the one you own. And that means building your email list is paramount for your online success.

And LEVELS helps you build your own list within your affiliate review site, helping you to own your traffic.

Remember, your list is the biggest asset in your business. And it'll help you be making money the easy way.

It'll be as easy as literally sending an email. But it can't be if you can't build it.

7. Get Ad revenue: Earn with Ads.

You cannot afford to depend on one source of income. The key is to diversify.

The traffic you'll be sending to your affiliate review site, not all of it will buy or sign up to your list, but you can still monetize it with ads.

And LEVELS on top of all its other advantages, let's you do that.

8. 180-day money back guarantee.

That's 6 months of you testing out LEVELS to make sure it works for you, risk-free.

So can you tell me by that time you still won't have made your money back 100 times over?

This is by no means an exhaustive list. I just picked a few out of many. But they're enough to show you LEVELS has taken every measure to ensure your success with it.

Amazing, right?

Conclusion: Who Should Buy LEVELS.

At this point, I know you've made up your mind whether to buy it or not. And so I won't keep you long.

But just to summarize, if you're struggling to make money online or want a proven way to make money online, LEVELS will be of great help.

And there's a lyric I like, scared money don't make no money. If you want to succeed online, you better start taking chances.

The good thing though is that LEVELS comes with a 180-day moneyback guarantee. That's 6 months to try it out. So is that even taking a chance or a no-brainer?

What's more, I've also included some amazing premium bonuses for you, one of which will even give you more done-for-you reviews of proven-to-sell products so that you just upload, promote, and earn.

And that's not even all of it, I've also included some underground traffic methods, that together with your LEVELS training will sort all of your traffic issues permanently.

So if traffic has been a thorn in your business, the pain barrier between you and making money, you can count it removed!

And just so we are clear, these bonuses I've included aren't your usual, PLR nonsense, NO!

They are actual, paid-for courses. That I will be giving you as my thanks, for buying LEVELS through me.

I hope this LEVELS by Glynn Kosky review helped make up your mind. And until next time, happy earning!