LeadStorm Review – Best Automated Lead Generation Software?

LeadStorm Review

Welcome to my LeadStorm Review; a product by Jonny Rose, Sasha Ilic & Harold Mondi.

These guyz aren’t new in the IM space and they’ve each released their own products in the past, but in LeadStorm they’ve decided partnered up.

Now, I’m going, to be frank with you and let you know up front, that LeadStorm isn’t going to be for everyone. At Least not the software, but the training I’m recommending. And I will explain why, later.

In this review, we will look at what money-making method LeadStorm is based on, and how it helps you achieve that with its software.

We will also look at the sales page, the members' area, and how LeadStorm works so you know what you’re getting. But first, let’s see what it is.

LeadStorm Review: What Is It?

LeadStorm is both training and software, that helps you get traffic from Instagram, Quora, Snapchat, and Pinterest and then turn it with the help of their LeadStorm software into leads and profit.

Note: You can watch my full in-depth LeadStorm review video below, if you don't want to read.

You see, you can get traffic but if you don’t know how to convert it into profit, it’ll be useless.

LeadStorm will not only show you how to get this traffic from the above 4 social sites and convert it into profit with their software, but also, share with you 16 case studies to prove their method works if you work it.

I like this quote, nothing works until you do. Remember that.

But which money making strategy is LeadStorm based on?

What Method Is LeadStorm Based On?

LeadStorm is based on the time tested money making method of list building and email marketing.

This means you Build a List, Mail that List, and You Get Paid. Simple!

But that’s not all LeadStorm is all about. LeadStorm helps you solve the traffic and leads problem that has forced many to quit on their online dreams.

And this is because before you can make money, you’ll need traffic. But the best traffic is the one you own, and to own your traffic you have to convert it into leads, and to do that easily you need LeadStorm.

And this is why. LeadStorm converts up to 100% of your traffic into leads. This means for every 100 people that see your opt-in page, sales funnel, website, or store up to 100 ends up signed-up for you to follow up with later. And this is where the money is.

Who Needs LeadStorm?

Now, if you belong to the following group of people you should seriously consider getting LeadStorm.

  1. You’re struggling to drive free online traffic to your products and services.
  2. You can’t get free online traffic to convert into leads or sales.
  3. You’ve got some sort of a web page online; website, blog, Shopify store, squeeze page, landing page, etc.
  4. You’re struggling to increase your conversions.
  5. You’re struggling to build your email list.

Let’s see some of the upgrades you can get with LeadStorm to make it even better.

LeadStorm Upgrades?

LeadStorm comes with up to 5 optional upgrades you can pick up to increase its effectiveness, functionalities, and opportunities to help you.

OTO1: LeadStorm Unlimited: comes with unlimited and unrestricted functionality. No limits on website installs and the number of pop-ups.

OTO2: LeadStorm FOMO: adds even Social Proof functionality to increase your sales conversions even further by up to 300%.

OTO3: LeadStorm Ultimate Traffic: syphon traffic from their sales pages to wherever you want. 

OTO4: LeadStorm Resell Rights: sell LeadStorm as your own product and earn 100% commissions even on these upgrades.

OTO5: LeadStorm Agency Rights: sell LeadStorm as a service to clients by installing it on their sites and charging them an ongoing fee for it.

And now let’s see some of the bonuses I’ve included for you.

LeadStorm Bonuses

I've included some amazing premium bonuses to help you make LeadStorm work for you.

  1. Mega traffic bundle featuring 8+ Premium free traffic courses with underground traffic generation tactics that you won’t get anywhere else.
  1. High-ticket commissions blueprint for beginners to start earning more per affiliate sale than the usual low-ticket commissions of $20 and below.
  1. YouTube & Instagram traffic app + secret Twitter traffic method: to automate free traffic from YouTube and Instagram, as well as take advantage of Twitter to drive even more traffic.
  2. Passive Profile Profits and ClickFunnel Converter: Learn how to earn from LinkedIn and up to $300 by using funnels.

Note: The bonuses will be available immediately with your copy of LeadStorm.

LeadStorm Review: Conclusion.

That’s it for this LeadStorm review. I hope it has helped you make up your mind about it.

Now to get your copy of LeadStorm plus all my bonuses and at $5 Off, click the button below.

Until next time, happy earning!