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edUpay Review

Ever been to Udemy?

I doubt you haven't.

Udemy is an online learning platform, one where millions of people go to everyday to gain new marketable skills.

And no, it's not like YouTube.

You won't find any funny compilation videos on there to laugh to.


But you'll find instead complete courses that show you how to create these videos.

So it's an online-based school, where seriousness is to be expected.

What you might not know is that Udemy is but one of many other online learning platforms such as Skillshare, Udacity, Coursera, and LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda).

And each of these learning platforms has millions of students who enroll in different paid classes throughout the year.

Now while each of these platforms has its own fees model in place; either on pay per course basis or on subscription.

You can't fail to see the revenue potential of these online learning platforms, and what it would mean for your bottom line if you’d own one.

The problem though is that creating such a platform would require massive amounts of disposable income that you might not have.

I mean, coders alone will milk you dry way before you can be ready to launch your new learning platform.

And if you somewhat make it through, there's still the matter of tutors, courses, and students.

This is where most startups crash and burn when the market is resisting your product.

All that time, effort, and thousands of development costs gone to waste.


But does this mean you should give up on starting your own e-learning platform, even when you're absolutely sure the revenue potential is enormous?

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Heck, No!

You just have to be smart about it.

edUpay Cover

And this is how you'll get your fair share of this $350 Billion dollar a year industry. One word. edUpay.

Welcome to my edUpay review where you'll see how edUpay can help you circumvent all the glaring issues seen above; time, effort, and actually make you the money as opposed to burning it.

edUPay Review | Make Money With E-Learning.

In this review, I will show you how edUpay can be the answer to starting your very own profitable online learning platform.

edUpay is a web-based e-learning site creator. Capable of creating online learning platforms, complete with courses, in just minutes.

You'll find extra details on what's included on their main page.

edUpay Solutions.

Excellent products exist to solve problems and edUpay is no different.

Below I will highlight some issues that edUpay solves uniquely and why, if you're interested in earning with e-learning you should buy it.


Time is everything and the one thing that's fixed for everyone.

And since no one can change time, you ought to change your process.

Typically hiring a team of expert coders (assuming you've got the money), to develop your own e-learning platform from scratch, would require weeks if not months at the very least.

edUpay does all that in minutes, with just a few mouse clicks. 🙂

And this is everything from courses to blog posts (for free Google traffic).

This means you can launch your new e-learning platform, packed with in-demand high-value courses, ready to earn you right away, in the next 10 minutes.

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Neat, huh!


With your own developed-from-scratch e-learning site you'll need to find tutors who can produce high-value courses for your students.

This is a massive headache and an extreme time-waster from vetting to course production.

With edUpay, it practically does everything For You.

I mean, the site in under 10 minutes is ready to accept class enrollment from students.

All the courses done, arranged, and published for you.

What about support? Also done for you.

And best of all, there's nothing to download and install. Everything is cloud-based.

And if you think developing your own online learning platform is better because it will afford you the luxury to customize the site as you want, think again.

edUpay comes with tones of customization options that practically guarantee your site will be unique from others (check the video below).


Unlike creating your own online learning platform from scratch with the help of developers, edUpay affords you money flexibility.

If your own developed site fails, you've lost thousands of dollars, effort, and time you'll never get back.

edUpay sites can be reset to other niches of choice if your chosen niche doesn't go so well (unlikely because all niches have proven success ratings.)

Even so, it's nice to know you won't lose nearly as much, if anything goes wrong.

So you can prototype your e-learning money making idea without the risk of running yourself bankrupt.

You see, you only need $27.50 to get your very own copy of edUpay today and with it your cash cow e-learning site.

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The perfect springboard to testing out your ability to earn with e-learning, if you're ever to commit to building one from scratch.

And at this price, you need not buy a domain (it’s optional), or expensive web hosting, or do any manual work (it’s automated).

You can grow your very own email list for repeat sales, include advertising banners, get more courses added on a weekly basis hands-free, and even have fresh new blog posts published for free Google traffic.

What's more, and probably the best of it all is that edUpay is “Newbie Friendly” so there’s no need to worry if you don't know any techy stuff because you don't need to.

Click the button below to go see edUpay demo in action and grab your copy.

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