Coronavirus Cashflow Reviewed + Custom Bonuses

Coronavirus Cashflow Review Plus Custom Bonuses

It's no secret COVID 19 is seriously affecting everyone the world over.

And even if it isn't about money for you, you can't argue you miss the life of the world gone.

Nevertheless, the majority of people are aching from joblessness, and with it financial worries.

This has since seen so many stuck at home with no means to provide for their families and some have even turned online to fix this problem.

Nothing wrong with this, but the confusion is now 10 times worse.

And while products like Coronavirus Cashflow are now coming to the market in a bid to curb this need.

The question remains if they're indeed the best solutions for you.

And to help you see if Coronavirus Cashflow is a worthy candidate for solving this issue, we first have to see what problem exists that it's addressing.

Only then can we see if it's actually worth buying and taking action on.

Coronavirus Cashflow Review 2020: Problem Vs Fix.

Like I said earlier, it's no secret COVID 19 has and is affecting so many lives, from the way they work to how they socialize.

Not everyone is still working like they used to.

Many have been forced out of work because of this pandemic with no other known means to fend for themselves or their families.

Some of them have been lucky to take out a loan, get supported by their families, and sell off a few properties to get through it.

But for the majority, work still needs to be done for the money they need to be had.

And this money needs to be same-day or same-week money for a maximum appeal or at the very least paid out at the end of the month.

This means methods that take months to work like blogging won't be an option for many.

At least not yet anyway. 🙂

And neither will methods that require paid traffic or an up-front investment to turn a profit or start.

Now, I know for some, this might already be looking bleak.

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But fear not for the first solution of today is right here: Coronavirus Cashflow.

Even so, what is it? Why buy? What is it will you be getting? How much does it cost? Are there upsells, and if so is the need to get them high? Any pros and cons to know of? And last, are there custom bonuses?

Let's get started!

Consider This The best alternative to Coronavirus Cashflow.

What Is Coronavirus Cashflow?

Coronavirus Cashflow is a bundle of 10Get paid to” methods that are proven money makers for all individuals worldwide.

It teaches you how to get paid for completing simple surveys, browsing the internet, reviewing websites and apps, playing games, transcribing, translating, listening to music, speaking English, selling your stuff, and lastly by listening to phone calls.

Jonny Rose Creator Coronavirus Cashflow ReviewIts creator Jonny Rose is an established internet marketer with years of experience from running his several online businesses successfully.

So he knows his stuff and will surely help you make money consistently like he does with it.

And Coronavirus Cashflow is his way of giving back in knowledge to help others get an easier start online in these difficult economic times.

The good thing is that all these 10 methods are legit, and this makes Coronavirus Cashflow as a product legit.

The truth is that you can take your time and research using Google and YouTube on each of these methods individually and still get started with each.

The problem though is that this will waste you a lot of time since every guru has something different to say about each.

Which can leave you confused from information overload.

But why should you be worried about information overload?

Information overload can lead you to not taking action, which is the most important part BTW, due to overwhelming analysis paralysis.

So it would be wise to get all this information from one source, than from multiple.

Remember, too many cooks spoil the broth (you metaphorically). 🙂

What It Is You're Getting With Coronavirus Cashflow.

We've already discussed what you'll be getting above with Coronavirus Cashflow by Jonny Rose.

But for clarity, you'll get a 10 videos course, with each video covering a specific method for making money fast.

Video 1: Get Paid To Fill In Surveys.

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Video 2: Get Paid Whilst Browsing The Internet.

Video 3: Get Paid To Review Websites & Apps.

Video 4: Get Paid To Play Games.

Video 5: Get Paid To Transcribe.

Video 6: Get Paid To Translate.

Video 7: Get Paid To Listen To Music.

Video 8: Get Paid To Speak English.

Video 9: Get Paid By Selling Your Stuff.

Video 10: Get Paid To Listen To Phonecalls

Note: All videos are less than 10 minutes long. So easy to follow and digest.

Below is the demo video showing you what you can expect on the inside. In terms of the product layout and navigation.

Now, while this looks and sounds good and all, what are some of the pros and cons you should know?

Let's see that next.

Coronavirus Cashflow Pros and Cons.


  1. Multiple proven ways to make money online (10).
  2. Beginner-friendly ways: Easy to do.
  3. Over-the-shoulder training for method clarity.
  4. 30-day money-back guarantee to safeguard your money.


  1. Highly dependent on third-party websites.
  2. High level, multiple work needed for huge returns.

Coronavirus Cashflow Pricing.

There are three main products you can get with Coronavirus Cashflow.

1. The main front-end product that is Coronavirus Cashflow @ $7.95.

With this, you'll get a 10-module over-the-shoulder training, complete with all the resources you need and bonuses.

Need score: 90/100

2. The first OTO that is Work From Home Productivity Course @ $37.

This product will help you get more done while working from home; self-isolating.

Need score: 10/100.

3. The second OTO that is Create Your Own Job Audiobook Course @ 17.

This 2hr course will help you turn the “Get paid to” skills you learn from the main product (Coronavirus Cashflow) into a thriving freelance career.

Need score: 10/100.

Are There Any Custom Bonuses For Coronavirus Cashflow?


And this one is in addition to Bing Ads Mastery Training, Instagram Made Simple, Explode Your YouTube Channel, Lindgren's Lazy Method, and How To Build A WordPress Website bonuses.

First, I've prepared a custom “Simple Make Money Blogging Blueprint” Bonus that will show you an unorthodox way of making tones of money blogging faster than most.

This will ensure every blog you launch is an immediate success.

Note: I have never created any blog that failed. Ever! And this is the exact blueprint I will share with you.

Second, I've also prepared another “Get Any Premium Course and Software For Free” Bonus that will help you make this the last purchase you ever make online for downloadable courses and softwares.

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With this custom bonus, you'll get free access to premium courses and softwares helping you save more money for other business investments or lockdown/quarantine supplies.

So definitely a must-have, one-of-a-kind custom bonus. 🙂

Note: Email me your purchase receipt at /aytalum /@ /gmail. /com. And I will send you the custom bonuses.

Coronavirus Cashflow Review – Is it worth buying?

After reading this review you might wonder if you will lose out on something great if you don't buy it.

And truth be told you will be. And more so if you can't seem to get anything online to work or you've lost your job and you need a fast or emergency income.

But remember, like any job offline, these methods will need focused commitment to work.

I wish I would tell you it's easy, and that money will come to you without working.

But the reality of the situation is that you must work to earn.

Now, if you want to earn passively without working much, you can start your own blog, but this is if you have the time and the patience to do it.

Alternatively, you can hire me to build you a nice passive earning blog in just 3 months. My email is the one for bonuses above and below if you'd like this.

Note: There’s no blog I create that fails, even ones with thin content. 🙂

Another way is to buy an already established YouTube channel and earn in multiple ways.

But both alternatives are way more expensive than getting your own copy of Coronavirus Cashflow today and start banking.

The good thing is that with my “Get Any Premium Course and Software For Free” Bonus, you won't really need to buy any other product beforehand, but only after it has helped you.

Get Coronavirus Cashflow Plus The Custom Bonuses

To get your bonus, don't forget to email me at /aytalum /@ /gmail. /com afterward with your receipt.

That's it for this Coronavirus Cashflow review.

And until next time, my friend.

Stay Blessed!

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