AffiliCreatr Review | Build Profitable Affiliate Sites In Just Minutes

AffiliCreatr Review

Welcome to my honest AffiliCreatr review; a product by Kurt Chrisler, that will help you make money online with affiliate sites that take just minutes to create.

In this review, you'll get to see exactly how this software will help you do this, and what else you might need to know before buying it.

And so with no further delays, let's get started.

AffiliCreatr Review: What Is It?

AffiliCreatr is a WordPress plugin that will allow you to quickly and easily create high converting, professional affiliate sites complete with content and images that you can earn with.

You won't have to use any APIs to accomplish this nor have to format anything. It's a copy and paste, point and click system to profits.

Now, in the next sections, you'll get to see what you can expect from this software, and also why you might consider getting it today.

But first, below is an example of an affiliate site created with AffiliCreatr.

affilicreatr review affiliate site example 3

And an example of a post article.

affilicreatr review affiliate site example 3 b

As you can see, it's both professional and nice looking. Exactly the kind of thing you want to profit with, and more so with my idea below.

But before that, let's see how the software works.

AffiliCreatr Review: How It Works?

AffiliCreatr makes creating profitable affiliate sites really quick and easy as you'll see in the demo video below.

And now, let's see the opportunity you'll be tapping into with AffiliCreatr.

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The Opportunity You'll Seize With AffiliCreatr

There are so many ways of making money online, and one of them is definitely with a website/blog.

You're reading this review on a blog, a testament to its effectiveness.

I didn't have to find you, you came to me because of content.

And many others are currently on this site, for the same reason.

So, you can see how important and powerful content is in driving free traffic, right?

But the thing is creating content can be a hustle, you have to work your fingers to the bone to see any results.

You know content works and is powerful, and you've got to have it to make that sweet money, yadayadayada!. But creating it… phew!

This is why most people outsource. But it can get pretty expensive.

And for those who want the content, don't want to write nor outsource, they use automated systems like AffiliCreatr to do it like a boss.

When you have content, money is the side effect. Trust me, you can monetize whichever way you want.

From Ads, affiliate offers, and from my two favorite ways below.

You see, you can either build these affiliate sites to make you money or build it for others and get paid.

I prefer the latter. It's quick money in your pocket.

But you've got to have something that speaks “I've got to have this site“.

And this is what AffiliCreatr will help you do in addition to earning from the sites themselves.

I love doing this method, but I have to admit, it's work creating these sites. It takes time, resources, and listening to a lot motivational music to get through it. 🙂

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But I forget all that pain when I get that PayPal payment notification. You will too!

And that's just one way.

The other way is by making MORE money flipping domains online.

Notice, I didn't say make money. Because it obviously works and I still do it. But I said make MORE.

As in, increase the domain's perceived worth by slapping a very relevant website/blog to it, so as to ask more for the same thing.

It's highway robbery, no? 🙂

If I were to sell this blog. The domain alone cannot fetch as much as it would together with this blog.

So if you've got a few domains lying around that you have no clue how to monetize, now you know.

Letting them expire just like that or staying fingers crossed for the parking revenue to make it all worth it, isn't the best use of your investment.

Just a few days ago, I got a domain and unlimited web hosting for a whole year, for just $1.

Guess what amma do, to make that sweet insane profit?

Flip the damn thing of course!

Ooh! But after I have set something good looking on it. Ha! someone needs AffiliCreatr.

Any Upsells I Should Know About?


3 Actually.

So that if you want to take your online profit game with AffiliCreatr to the next level you can.

Bear in mind these ones are optional. So only pick those you need depending on what you'll be using AffiliCreatr for.

OTO1: AffiliCreatr PRO at $37.

You'll get additional AffiliCreatr features as well as its theme with this upgrade.

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OTO2: Developers License at $27.

This upgrade will help you create and sell as many AffiliCreatr sites as you want to clients. Otherwise, you might be forced to buy another copy of AffiliCreatr for every site you want to create.

OTO4: iMarketers Club at $4.95 Trial then $27/mo.

With this upgrade, you'll be getting access to all plugins and tools Kurt releases to earn you even more money online.

These upgrades can be got depending on what you're looking to achieve online. Even so, upgrade 2 is worth considering since you don't want to be paying $17 for every site you create and sell or create and keep.

$17 is what you'll pay today to get access to AffiliCreatr.

And now…

Let's wrap this up.

AffiliCreatr Review: Final Words.

At this point, you have a clear idea of what AffiliCreatr is all about, what you stand to get with it, and also the opportunity it's helping you tap into today.

So, to conclude, I've included for you some other awesome premium softwares for you to take advantage of.

And when I say premium, I mean these softwares are on sale, but you're getting them for free, as a bonus from me.

You'll get access to everything immediately with your copy of AffiliCreatr.

And to get your very own copy, simply click on the button below.

That's it for this AffiliCreatr review, I hope you loved it, and until next time, happy earning!