James MulatyaHi there, I’m James Mulatya, and I’ve been working online since 2013.

During this whole time, I’ve done article writing, blogging, android apps and website programming, freelancing, affiliate marketing, and more.

Simply put, I’m a jack of all trades and a master of a few.

What I love the most is coding and building things up. But I started out online writing articles for others.

This website is geared towards helping those looking to start working online and diversify.

Blogging, Affiliate marketing, Youtubing, Freelancing, Trading, Tips and Tricks, Mindset, …and more. Will be some of the things this website will cover.


How This Website Will Help You

I strongly believe everyone should be working online, regardless of their 9 – 5 job.

To just add an extra income to one’s monthly budget could be life-changing. And that’s what an online business can do for someone.

Even so, it can be a path full of difficulties and uncertainties and that’s where this blog comes in. To pave the way and make it easier for anyone to get started on the right path.

Whether you just want to learn where to start online, or you simply want to find your next business model. Then this website is for you.


So, if this is a topic that interests you, then make a point to drop by often. Or be notified by subscribing at the end of every article.


Note: I cannot guarantee financial freedom for you if you don’t try to the best of your abilities.


In case of anything feel free to contact me via the contact page. Or better yet use my Gmail (aytalum(@)gmail.com.)