Learn everything you need to know about blogging and making money online passively and actively.

Times are tough and the unemployment rate keeps on rising with every passing day like never before.

Your best bet is to take refuge online and start a business that will not only cushion you and your family’s livelihood but also help you escape the 9 – 5 or 5 – 9 grind.

James Mulatya

Hi there, my name is James Mulatya and my mission is to help you find the best ways to bring home that bacon. Granted I’m no Guru 😉 but I do know a few things that could help you greatly.

You see, I’ve been online since 2013 and during this whole time, I tried so many make money online methods. The sad part is that I wasn’t blogging to document all the ideas and concepts I tried that had and showed potential. Until now.

I’ve had so many ups and downs that if I had been blogging about them it would have been quite the story.

But let’s keep bygones that way.

Moving forward this is where I’ll be documenting the different online ideas and blogging tips I know and learn about.

Keep in mind I don’t test things very much, just enough to show they work and can work.

So if you like a method or concept I’ve written about feel free to test it out or better yet make it work for you.

Aytalum (pronounce it as iTalum) is simply my surname (Mulatya) in reverse. I just like going against the current. And also because I lost my surname domain name when I forgot to renew. ☚ī¸

Anyway, I’ll be blogging at the very least once every 10 days. Between testing things out, Netflix, and everything that comes with life, it’ll be my default setting. Anything extra is a bonus. 😎

Do you want to reach out, to share a few tips, maybe ideas, or just have a question? Feel free to contact me. Use my Gmail for a quick response (aytalum(@)gmail.com) and don’t spam. 👈

In closing allow me to point to you a resource you could check out to see if it’s a good fit here, Get Started. It’s got lots of success stories and an awesome community. Definitely worth a try!

Always remember you can earn more! 💰đŸ’ĩ

Stay Blessed! 🙏